MXE 15grams

(8 customer reviews)


Purity: 99.99% min

For research use only


CAS No.: 1239943-76-0

Delivery Time: 1 weeks after order – North America

2~3 weeks – All other countries (except for Japan China and Brazil)

8 reviews for MXE 15grams

  1. Ice

    Have loved MXE for years!

  2. Mark Simons

    So happy to be able to purchase the MXE at a reasonable price.

  3. Christopher C. Williams

    This was my first ever purchase of MXE, a great quality.

  4. Michael

    very happy now

  5. Larry Andershock

    this is still a great product and I would recommend it.

  6. Austin Todd

    the quality is great, the delivery is fast

  7. Chuck

    This is a fantastic deal!

  8. michael h

    Packaged carefully and well protected.

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